International Conference on Education & Learning in Mobile Age 2011
SRS- Student Response System

SRSA concept - it can be conversationally responsive between learners and trainers so that the system can be dynamically starts and pauses whenever the conversation between learner and trainer is needed.


A piece of software - it can be running anywhere and anytime as long as device can be linked to the Internet. The software is platform independent and open framework;


A set of technologies - it integrates advanced web technology and mobile computing together so that users can use the latest mobile devices, such as iPoD/iPhone, as well as compatible with a range of operating systems.


XML, database, information retrieval and object oriented technologies are embedded into the system. A simpler of training too - it is dedicated to the use that makes life easier in a wide range of subject areas, i.e. both learners and trainers do not need to share IT expertise. It can be self independent system as well as integrated with other learning management environments, such as blackboard, Smarkboard as well as subject oriented learning management systems. It operates as simple as possible by just pressing buttons or sliding bar.


An Application for pedagogical domain - it can be used for different learning theories, such as activity based learning, work based learning, case based learning. The system is portable, flexible and dynamic through handheld devices.